In October of 1980, Champion Motorsports opened it's doors as a Bultaco and Honda dealer in Roswell, NM. Our beginnings were modest. Our whopping 5,000 square feet facility served our purpose well. As things began to grow, we realized there was a great opportunity in front of us.

In 1986, we moved from our modest location to a larger building on a less frequently traveled road with better service capabilities. With the move we brought Kawasaki on board in the summer of 1989. Business continued as normal. We kept on selling motorcycles, parts & accessories, apparel, and service. Before we knew it, it was 1996, our 16th anniversary. Things were going strong for our dealership and this is when we decided to bring Yamaha into the mix of product offerings. With the product lines becoming more diverse, we soon realized that our current facility was beginning to burst at the seams.